Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy 2010 everyone! Its been a whirlwind of a year here so far... hence my lack of posts. My new job is underway and is extraordinarily busy. I can't complain about surfing the web all day like most new jobs! :)

Now that I'm working in the design world... I've decided most of our furnishings and the design of our place need a major overhaul. I suppose this is the downside of this industry...... more money to spend on my decor than on my wardrobe! So, I'm thinking about redoing the look of our bedroom this month... mainly because its probably the least expensive room to change -- some new bedding, lamps, nightstands, and we'll probably be pretty good to go, save a few accessories.

so, I thought I'd share my latest iterations of the decor... not sure if this will be the final vision of the room. I'm definitely heading into a more mid-century modern look. If you have thoughts -- let me know. I'm thinking a gold /orange/blue color scheme -- all based from the new duvet cover by Dwell Studio. (if you haven't checked out their stuff, you should. its so beautiful). I'll definitely take pics of the final look once i've honed it all down.

Hope you're all off to a wonderful 2010 and a bright new decade!