Friday, September 25, 2009

My favorite city by the bay....

I was lucky enough to get invited on a fun trip to San Francisco recently with my mom and her friend, Marla. We were there to go to a gallery opening for an artist -- Marla had just bought a beautiful painting from him. The gallery put us up in a really cool loft right in Union Square ... very swanky. It was a really short trip (just a weekend), but we packed a lot in while we were there.

The weather was beautiful, perfect for exploring the city. We headed out to Sausalito for the day on Friday and had dinner at a fantastic place called "Fish". It was a great restaurant right on the docks at Sausalito and they served all sustainable seafood and organic fare. If you're ever in the neighborhood, check it out. It was AMAZING! Plus, you can't beat the scenery. We also walked through the local farmers market there, where they had fresh empanadas and dim sum, and checked out the shops and stores around town.

Saturday, we wandered around Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Chinatown, and shopped some of the boutiques in Russian Hill and some other great neighborhoods. I love San Francisco because its so walkable. Although some of those hills can be brutal on your legs! Saturday night we went to the gallery opening, right on Union Square. It was a great location with lots of fun people watching both at the gallery and below. We topped off the night with some great wine and seafood at a restaurant around the corner.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

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