Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A girl can dream, can't she?

We've been busy squirelling money away lately to save for a new home. Its all very exciting (for us city dwellers, at least) thinking that we may own our own single family home... wow. we've lived upstairs, downstairs, next to, across from people in all kinds of apartment and condo buildings here in the city. to think we may actually own our own home that isn't attached to anyone else's is all very exciting. so, while we keep saving, i linger occasionally on real estate websites, looking up fun new places.

Most days are pretty much the same. but today was different. Today, i found my dream home. they always say location, location, location.... well, I think this location might just be pretty good.

and, the finishes look pretty nice too, so no renovations there.

i'm pretty sure that i wouldn't mind waking up to the view, either.

(Thanks to Rees Roberts who designed this gem of an interior... its so lovely.)

if you have some time, you can check out casa finisterra ... there are many more lovely images to drool over.

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