Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Evening with Harry Benson

I'm so excited! Friday night, the Chicago Photography Center (where I took my photography class) is hosting an evening with Harry Benson.

Harry Benson is in his late 70's now and has photographed many famous celebrities and world leaders throughout his life. From The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Janis Joplin to Martin Luther King Jr. to Elizabeth Taylor to Benazir Bhutto to the Clinton's. From Bobby Kennedy's assassination to Hurricane Katrina's aftermath and the falling of the Berlin Wall, his camera has seen it all. He's even photographed every U.S. President from Eisenhower to Barack Obama.

I'm really excited for the event and will certainly provide a quick recap if there is anything fun to share after the event!

If you're interested, NPR did an interview with him and you can listen to it here.

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