Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

i am so excited for halloween this year and let me tell you why.... living in chicago, we never get to do the trick-or-treat thing. we have never been able to hand out candy to cute little kids dressed up in adorable costumes because most of them trick or treat at the storefronts in the popular neighborhoods. they just don't trick or treat in the neighborhoods... maybe its too hard to organize or its too hard to differentiate neighborhoods. but, either way, we've never gotten to sit at our door and hand out candy.

, this year, we live in a building that is hosting its own trick or treat event. YAY -- i am thrilled! we've decorated our apartment for halloween and both kids and dogs come by for trick or treating. i can't wait to see the kiddies and some of those cute puppies in little halloween costumes.
i'm hoping to take some fun photos of the night... so those may be posted soon.

happy halloween to you. hope you get lots of great candy!

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