Monday, October 5, 2009

A Quick (very quick) study in photo editing

The other day I took a few shots of some of my favorite buildings in Chicago. One of my all-time favorites are commonly referred to as the "corncob buildings". They have a formal name... although I'm not sure many people in Chicago actually know what it is.

Today, while I was going through and editing the photos, I th
ought that I might showcase how different treatments can really change the look and feel of the photo from tropical to retro to moody. See for yourself in the following photo transformation...

The original:

With a bit of photo editing... (pumped up colors on the left, pulled out colors on the right)
you can feel the mood shifting from happy to something completely different.

Don't these two below look more vintage and a bit faded? These two are my personal favorites.

I love how the blue in these almost changes the temperature of the photo to feel hot and almost sundrenched... like you're in Hawaii or the tropics.

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