Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The 1/2 Marathon

So hubby and I spent most of the summer training for a 1/2 marathon - the inaugural Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon here in Chicago. While some of the runs were really lengthy, it was nice to get out on the Chicago lakefront path and run this summer.

We ran our last 12 mile training run near my family's house in Hudson. They have this beautiful running and biking path along the Cuyahoga Valley called the Towpath - if you live anywhere near there, its wonderful, definitely check it out. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee somewhere around mile 10 or 11. I was hoping it would heal while we were on vacation in South Carolina, but it never seemed to come around.

So, this Sunday, hubby ran the 1/2 marathon by himself, for the honor of our family! And, he did FANTASTIC. I mean, really fantastic. He got just over 2:03. Way to go! I was so proud. I have included some pics from the great day - it was perfect for the run. Cool, but still sunny.

There were tons of people out running, and cheering on the runners, particularly around the finish line. Its always so much fun.

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