Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robin's Wedding

Recently, a very old and very dear friend of mine got married. She is a friend from high school, so I've known her now over 15 years. Wow - pretty amazing when someone is still a good friend 15 years later.

We traveled out to Flemington, NJ for the wedding and it was so quaint. Just a cute little town hidden outside of New York City. My husband and I had a great time at the wedding. We loved meeting Robin's in-laws, they were a hilarious and boisterous Italian family (I felt right at home!). Although, we probably had a bit too much fun at the rehearsal dinner, which seems to be a tradition for me. :)

Robin looked beautiful. Since I was in the wedding, I wasn't able to take
any photos during the ceremony. But, I did get some great shots in at the salon in the morning when we were all getting ready.

Congratulations Robin!

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