Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion #2

Following family reunion #1, we flew straight from Akron down to Charleston, SC. Hubby and I joined his family for a reunion down there. There were about 20+ people in all (including kids). We had a beautiful house on the Isle of Palms, just outside of Charleston. The area was very secluded and the beach was nearly empty - it was so relaxing. And, it was really fun to catch up with everyone and meet all of their kids! We had a great time.

It was a great trip, lots of beach time, pool time and we even spent some time wandering around Charleston. The last time I had seen Charleston was around middle school and I really couldn't appreciate all of the history. But it really is amazing! Buildings dating back from the 1700's, one of the oldest colleges in the U.S. It was so charming. There are so many beautiful old houses and the rot iron fencing and gates are absolutely stunning. I couldn't stop taking photos of them.

Some trip highlights:
our friend "Fred" the alligator who was eating lunch

finding 4 starfish on the beach that we were able to throw back into the ocean. We saved lives!

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