Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion #1

As if one family reunion isn't enough, we've had two recently. So, we trekked to Ohio for my family reunion.

On the way into town, we stopped for dinner with my parents at a great restaurant in Ohio City, called Mimocho. It was amazing. I wish I had taken a picture of our meals. They were so delicious. We had tuna tacos, portabella mushroom tacos, some delicious guacamole with pineapple and goat cheese and lots of tasty margaritas. We stuffed ourselves silly at the happy hour specials !!

The family reunion was great. We had such a nice time at my cousin's "farm" (no real farm, just a lot of land). They had bags (aka "cornhole"), a trampoline, fish ponds, and a ton of great food and pictures of the family dating back to who knows when?! I think it was a kids dream day, they were transporting frogs from one pond to another, chasing bees, and overall had quite a day. And visiting with relatives that we haven't seen in ages (since I was like 2) and introducing them to Hubby made for a great day.

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